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My new office is at VW/Audi Garage Gröpper (Bielefelderstrasse 84 in 33104 Paderborn) in the show room

You can reach me on andrew.mooney@allianz.de or 0175 2230196

Payments can be done via Paypal (andrew.mooney@allianz.de) or bank transfer.



24.12.2018 - 02.01.2019

I hope you all have a great X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!!



I will be on vacation from the 26.07.2018 and back on the 26.08.2018 you can reach me via email.




Office will be closed:


07.08.2017 and back on the



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You can reach me on andrew.mooney@allianz.de

All BFG documents can be sent via email and payments can be made via paypal to i.i.s@t-online.de


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You can always contact me on andrew.mooney@allianz.de




NEWS 2015

As of November 2015 if you have a tyre pressure sensor on your vehilce you're winter tyres must also have the specific winter tyre for those sensors. Car insurance in Germany, if you are at fault, will not pay for any accident with the wrong winter tyres. If in doubt please check with me asap.




Allianz have thanked Independent Insurance Service for tanking care of so many customers and helping them out!



NEW ALLIANZ INSURANCE - Saving Plan for Children


Anyone can take out insurance for their child!

It includes - pension, saving and accident or disability insurance

And you can choose the monthly payments. Only 4 - 8 Euro per month!!




New Car Insurer:

We can now offer you Forces Insurance as well.

Get a quote on 0044 1509 283 875





Will be closed on the 21.07.2014 and will be back on the 04.08.2014.


Emergency AXA No. 0221 148 25 367

Emergency Allianz No. 0341 401 060 101

or email me: i.i.s@t-online.de


Have a nice sommer holiday

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Will be closed on the 18.04.2014 and will be back on the 28.04.2014


Emergency AXA No. 0221 148 25 367

Emergency Allianz No. 0341 401060101

or email me: i.i.s@t-online.de


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Will be closed on the 26.08.2013
Back on the 05.09.2013

Emergency No. 01752230196



Chartis is now AIG Insurance



Sommer leave: Will be on vacation 30.07.2012 - 13.08.2012

If you need to change anything before, please pop in, in time

Emergency No. 01752230196



Office will be closed 26.12.2011 - 06.01.2012 (back open 09.01.2012)

Hope you all have a nice xmas and an even better new year



German Polizei Corner
A German federal law that went into effect Dec. 3, 2010, specifically mandates the use of winter tires when conditions are icy.

Winter tires have two kinds of markings: A snowflake for snow tires or the “M+S” sign for tires designed to work in “Matsch und Schnee” (mud and snow).

All-season or all-weather tires may also have the “M+S” marking and are acceptable for winter driving.

The law also applies to motorbikes, trucks and buses, regardless of whether the driver is the owner or renting the vehicle.

To know when to put snow tires on a vehicle, German motorists use the saying, “von O bis O,” which is short for “von Oktober bis Ostern” (October to Easter). This means, motorists should change from regular tires to snow tires in October and leave them on until Easter. Furthermore, check out these facts about winter tires:

Only snow tires without» spikes or studs are allowed in Germany.

Tires designed for snow» function better than multi-purpose tires.

All tires should have at» least 1.6 millimeters of tread depth, but for maximum safety, tires with less than 4 millimeters should be replaced.

Winter tires offer better» protection than all-season models, and it’s best if all four tires match.

The German automobile club, ADAC, recommends using tires that carry the “three peak mountain” seal.

Motorists caught driving in winter conditions without “M+S” tires will be fined €40 and given a point against their license. Motorists who are involved in an accident or who block traffic in icy conditions without “M+S” tires will be fined €80 and awarded a point against their license.

In addition, some insurance companies may deny coverage to motorists driving with summer tires on winter roads.

Published November 11, 2011


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Bank holiday 03.10.2011 Monday; will be closed


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